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  • We make people understand languages, not memorize them.
  • ➥ We are very flexible with our clients and providing 24/ 7 service and support
    ➥ Our universal Web Platform, allows You to study and to receive our translation services from anywhere and any device available nowadays.
    ➥ By taking our courses, you will get a free studying materials for each class you have chosen (ebooks, studying documents, etc.) and a list of useful websites and apps to study on your own.
    ➥ We treat each client individually and there is no job too big or too small for us.
    ➥ Only professional people working in our team
Our Team
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Denis Davidov

English and Spanish teacher
Big Boss of Idioma Online and Academia 15. An English and Spanish teacher with a wide experience of giving classes online. Do not mess with him! ;)
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Chinese teacher
A professional Chinese teacher who lived for several years in China as translator for companies in trade and selling businesses. 你好!
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English and Spanish teacher
A very talented teacher of English and Spanish with a C2-level in English (TOEFL iBT certificate). Try to get her level too, let’s see if you can defeat her ;)
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Irina Nechaeva

Russian and English teacher
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Ilaria Cassibba

Italian teacher
Native italian teacher with experience who worked also as a translator and collaborated with publishers. She will pass her passion for languages on you! ;)
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Luciano Kripper

English to Spanish translator
A professional English to Spanish translator with 7 years of experience and great reputation.

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