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November 8, 2016

About Us


About Us

Idioma Online – a few words About Us

What are we?


Idioma Online – is an online language academy created by a group of foreign language teachers with a hope that finally,  in the internet there will be a full online school without offices and classrooms, where students will be taught online and ONLY online.
And of course, we will occupy this niche. 😉 For what then we are doing this all???

How do we work?

Our teaching – is an interactive learning method, where the practice is at the first place, where we teach a language taking into consideration current events in the world and life. It will be easier to write a typical by-everybody-known phrase that all of you have seen lots of times – “we don’t give you academic knowledge, we give practical knowledge” or something like this, but we will say differently – our teaching is the methods to make a person understand foreign language and speak it.

How to eat us?

Always we will insist that learning foreign languages is possible online and it gives much more opportunities than if a teacher goes to a student’s house and spends the time for the road. On average, the time used for travelling to a student is equivalent to a one-hour online class, or in other words – while you’re travelling to a student’s place, you could have given one more class.

And what’s, more we can?

To be a narrow specialist today – means to be a stupid. If you can speak a foreign language, so it’s logical that you can translate. It’s not been a first or second time when your acquaintance asked you for a help to translate a text when they knew that you spoke a foreign language.
That’s why our services are not only online classes but also translations (of documents, movies, CVs), preparation of subtitles for videos, synchronous translations in meetings, preparations for a job interview in a foreign language and all other things that can be done knowing the culture and the language of the foreign country. Have a look at this video to know the path of the narrow specialist:

How to deal with it?

It’s very simple. You become our client, tell us what you need, and we do it.

But what about…?

There’s no “but”