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January 11, 2017

English Listening 2 – Idioma Online

1. How many people died in the blasts?
2. Did somebody claim responsibility?
3. Who was the main target of the attack?

1. Why there is a car ban in Madrid?
2. How many cars are in Madrid?
3. What about another European citis?

1. What does Prince Harry want to do?
2. What is the reason of his decision?

1. Why the cyberattack happened in USA?
2. What are the consequences of this attack?

1. Why Miss Obama called Americans like children?

1. Who appeared on London’s release of a new Stars Wars movie?

1. Why there is another diplomatic crisis between USA and Russia?
2. What was the intention of Vladimir Putin over America?
3. What were the consequences of this conflict?
4. Why this is a tit-for-tat situation?

1. What is Amazon Go? How does it works?
2. What is the main problem in grocery market?
3. How does Amazon see its future in this new business?
4. Is there any opened Amazon Go store?

1. What is the main purpose of a new monetary reform in India?
2. Why did Mr. Modi want all people to use electronic money?
3. Who does Mr. Modi want to participate more actively in this initiative?

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