diciembre 2, 2016


Ref.1He had an English exam, it wasn’t an official one as FCE, Cambridge, TOEFL, IELTS or something similar. If I remember well, it was just an exam for himself to prove his English level. We dedicated normally 1.30-2.00 hours for each class to pass it working a lot on details, speaking and creating a strategy for the exam. AND we didn’t have so much time, he came to me just 2-3 weeks before the exam date. You can imagine how hard was it to prepare in such short time, but finally, we did it and Diego passed his exam successfully, about what he said me in Whatsapp.
Ref.2Aleksandar is Bulgarian guy who was wondering to study in England acting and become an actor there. It was a very curious situation when he called me with an unusual offer to help him with the application form for British universities. We agreed the time when we can do it and I helped him with all steps because he tried the same the last year but he made a mistake that didn’t let him be enrolled in a British university. After our work, at the end of the April 2016th. he got the results that he was accepted at the University of Kent. Now we’re waiting when he can get results about his scholarship and then just go to England and study! Good luck Alexandar!
Ref3With Juan, we have been preparing for almost a year for FCE exam and he showed good results. But this week he decided to stop for a while with classes because since the last year he has been creating his own consulting company and right now he is making first steps towards his own business. Hope to see you soon again, Juan! Good luck with your company!
EnriqRef4ue is a young man who was wondering to become a cabin crew member, so he asked me to help him for British Airways application interview in order to access to his new job. We didn’t have a lot of time to prepare, actually, so we tried our best working on English language and preparing some strategy for the interview. It was quite difficult but we did what we could do. At the end, Enrique got a job in Ryanair.
 Ref5It was my first experience giving English classes for a 9-years-old kid via Skype. It wasn’t difficult technically 🙂 but of course tough because it is a child. Anyway, the result of 9 months classes was actually very good according to kid’s mother, Elena. For now on the task was completed – she wanted to have her daughter be interested in the language and we did this task.
Ref.6With Almudena, my Spanish student, we were preparing for IELTS exam and she decided to applicate for the exam as soon as possible, so basically we had a little more than 2 weeks to prepare for the exam. She needed IELTS certificate because recently she became as an English teacher and, actually, as she said to me, a very few English teachers in Spain have this certificate. So it was a big achievement for her. Good luck, Almudena!
Ref.7Jose needed to improve his business English since he works in an international company and one of the goals was to make his speech fluent and improve writing skills. He was really worried about his writing but after we saw some of his job emails I was pretty impressed by his English, it was a very professional language so I have explained him that there is nothing to worry about his writing, it’s perfect. But we did need to work on his speaking to make him talk as well as he writes. Right now we stopped for a while with classes, because the job in a big international company sometimes requires a lot of effort and Jose is involved right now in some important projects in his company. Good luck Jose! See you soon!
Ref.8With Mar we started to have classes from October 2015th. and at the beginning, it was quite difficult for her because it was a long time since she had studied English. Step by step we could improve her grammar, speaking and listening. Her purpose was just to improve her English for daily live and work. Recently she had a big project on her work, that’s needed to be done, so we decided to stop for a while with classes and continue later on.

Ref.9Lucia and Natalia are two school girls who are preparing for FCE this year but before that exam, Lucia had the Selectividad (Spanish state exam for all students who want to continue their studies at universities) and thanks to our classes she obtained 9.5 points in English exam! Congratulations, Lucia!