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Январь 11, 2017

Слушание на английском – Idioma Online

English Listening | 100% Идиома Онлайн Качество

Всем приветик и добро пожаловать обратно! Мы рады представить вам наши упражнения по слушанию от Идиома Онлайн. Они абсолютно бесплатные, мы тоже их используем. Вы можете использовать их для обучения на своих занятиях или для личного изучения, просто упоминая наш сайт. Наслаждайтесь!

English Level A1-A2:

1. Why does the FBI want Apple to unlock iPhones?
2. How can Apple do it?
3. Why don’t Apple want to help the FBI?

1. What is interesting of Taiwan’s house?
2. Does it have furniture? If so, which kind of furniture?
3. What is the style of the house?
4. What was the cost of the constructions?

1. Where is the boy from?
2. Why did Messi send him his jerseys?

1. What happened with the French dentist?
2. Why a woman accused the dentist?
3. Is the dentist is guilty right now?

1. What happened with Uber in Rio?
2. Why people protest?
3. What’s the opinion of Uber company?

1. How much does a new Telsa cost?
2. How much did people pay to get their cars?
3. When can they get their cars?

1. What did people burn during Holy Week?
2. What is the symbol of what people burnt?
3. What’s the opinion of people about Donald Trump?

Questions for listening:
1. Who was a Prince?
2. When did he died?
3. What kind of rewards did he get during his career?

1. When will the Olympic torch arrive to Brazil?
2. How many cities will the torch visit in Brazil?
3. What is the problem with Brazilian president?

1. What was the source of information about Iceland Prime Minister’s wife company?
2. What did the Prime Minister ask from the President?

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