November 8, 2016

Translation Services

 Professional Translation Services

We offer professional translation services for any documents and difficulties including technical texts and certified sworn translations.

How does it work?

It’s very simple: you send us a document to translate, we evaluate it and send a budget, you agree and pay – we translate and send you back the prepared text.

How much?

To know the exact price, please send us your text file(s) for immediate estimation (one-hour response max.)

How fast do we translate?

After you agreed and paid for the service we immediately start to translate your documents. Normally it takes us to translate:

1-10 pages – 1-3 days

11-30 pages – 2-4 days

31-60 pages – 3-7 days

+60 pages – +6 days

We also do the urgent translation at the same day or for the next one. This service has a higher price.

What do we guarantee?

If the translation isn’t prepared in time, we pay back 30% of the price and give a discount of 15% for the next translation.